Rev. Jeon Kwang-hoon won his second term as the 26th president of the Christian Council of Korea(CCK) with a standing ovation at the 31st General Assembly of the Christian Council of Korea held at the Korean Church's Centennial Memorial Hall on Thursday.

Rev. Jeon said, "I sincerely thank you for choosing me once again as chairman of the party's representative committee.

"I believe that I was re-established with the intention of eradicating the syringe and changing the anti-Christian culture to create the unification of the Gospel of Jesus."

He added: "I will continue this patriotic movement with my life."

He also made the announcement on the integration blueprint with The Communion of Churches in Korea(CCIK), and The United Christian Churches of Korea(UCCK).

"The merger has been going on steadily for the past year, and within a month, we will achieve a full integration with CCIK," Pastor Joen said. "We confirmed all of them yesterday."

He also said that Rev. Lee Young-hoon's UCCK agreed completely and said, "If Han CCIK and CCK are combined, we will definitely be together."

He met with Rev. Lee Young-hoon a few days ago and said, "This decision is what Rev. Lee's side have been pushing."

Rev. Jeon said, "If this happens, there are only a few weeks left before the CCK, which represents the entire Korean church, will be restored to its original state before the breakup (to other coalition agencies). He also said that if he achieved consolidation during his term, he would likely remain as co-president without resigning."

The representatives then delegated the authority to Pastor Joen to serve as the chairman of the CCK to the patriotic movement represented by the so-called "Kwanghwamun rally," and re-subscribed the joining of the CCK by 253 local Christian federations, which had already been resolved in the previous session.