Clark Hunt honored God as Kansas City Chiefs beats the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 at 2020 NFL Super Bowl LIV. It is the first time in 50 years since Chiefs recovered the trophy.

The Chiefs Chairman Hunt said "I want to thank the Lord for blessing our family with all these incredible people who helped us bring this championship home," according to Major League Soccer.

"To the Chiefs kingdom, you guys are world champions once again."

In the interview with the Tyler Morning Telegraph(TMT), Hunt said he met Christ at the camp when he was 10 and after that faith is his top priority.

"I want my employees to develop their own spirituality," he said. "In the National Football League, Christ is really glorified. My identity is my faith in Christ."

The Chiefs, in cooperation with local ministries and the U.S. sports mission, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, are having chapel worship services with fans before the home game.

The Sports Spectrum said the Chiefs have been in pre-game service since 2014, and it is the first time in NFL history to hold such an onsite faith event.

"Faith has always been big with me, " Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Chiefs, told Fox4kc.

"Being on the field is not just putting on a show for Chiefs Kingdom, but also playing for God. Obviously I want to win every game, but I'm glorifying him every single time I'm out there," he said.

"As long as I'm doing everything the right way and the way that he would want me to do it, then I can walk off the field with my head held high and be able to be the man that I am," Patrick said.