The National Convention's preparatory committee recently commissioned an opinion poll of 1,000 adults aged 18 or older across the nation on the anti-discrimination law, abortion laws, and addiction prevention.

First of all, 83.3 percent of the respondents said they knew about the anti-discrimination law, and 16.7 percent said they did not know. In addition, 45.8 percent opposed the bill and 32.4 percent approved it.

Regarding abortion charges, 57.4 percent said it should be abolished. 33.1 percent said it should be maintained, while 9.5 percent said they do not know.

77.4 percent of the people said the nation should enact and help to prevent addiction, while 17.3 percent said " it is personal freedom so we should not interfere. "

In particular, 67.8 percent voted against the idea of same-sex marriage, while 23.3 percent voted for it.

Finally, when asked about sex education in high schools, 47 percent said, "It is a wrong education that inspires teenagers' curiosity, to train gender theory that says 'Individuals can choose male or female,' rather than the theory of 'Male or female are given in birth.'" 37.9 percent said they need to train the new gender theory, while 15.1 percent said they do not know.