The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on Feb. 28 that they would file a complaint against Lee Man-hee, the owner of Shincheonji Church, if he does not voluntarily undergo an examination for the Covid-19.

"The first thing Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said in a question and answer after a daily news briefing was that he would come out early to undergo an examination and take the lead in taking the lead in order to get all the Shinchun officials tested and if not, he will file a complaint," Yoo Yeon-sik, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's cultural director, said. "We are considering whether to file a complaint."

Park, who appeared on MBC's "100 Minutes Debate" on the 27th, said, "he are not in a situation where he is in hiding," and said, "he should apologize to the public."
With the spread of Covid-19 increasing the blame for Lee Man-hee, who has disappeared from the scene, is unlikely to be able to hide as the Seoul Metropolitan Government has shown willingness to file a complaint.

Mayor Yoo, meanwhile, said that the company is also considering canceling a license to set up a division in Shinchonji. "On November 30, 2011, a corporation was applied for the Eternal Korean Evangelical Presbyterian Church and was authorized to establish a corporation that day," he said. "The representative was changed to Lee Man-hee in April 2012.

"In July 2012, the name was changed to 'New Sky New Site Evidence Memorial Church'," he said. "We are currently checking to see if there are any facts that are equivalent to the cancellation of the corporation. We are going to take the cancellation process as soon as it is confirmed," he said.