In celebration of the 101st anniversary of the Samiljeol (March 1st Independence Day), Korean churches in the Americas are praying for the protection of their country's free democracy.

The Promise Church, a large leading church in New York, celebrated Samiljeol at 5:25 a.m. on Monday, one day before Samiljeol. They held a screening of the film "1919 Yoo Gwan-soon" and a prayer meeting for South Korea with both parents and children participating.

The film "1919 Yoo Gwan-soon" is directed by Shin Sang-min, shedding light on the life of Yoo Gwan-soon for independence, while vividly conveying the independence activities of the nameless women who sacrificed their lives together at the time.

Director Shin Sang-min drew attention by saying in his greetings that he expects the film to exert a good influence on changing the regime in North Korea.

After the movie, parents and children took the time to pray for the recovery of Korea. The Promise Church said "freedom is very hard to regain once you lose it," and prayed that "let the people of faith rise up and recover in Korea."

The New Jersey Trenton Presbyterian Church (Chief Reverend Choi Chi-ho) also kept its early morning prayer as a time to pray for the protection of free democracy and the market economy of the Republic of Korea. In a sermon before the joint prayer, Rev. Choi Chi-ho said, "South Korea's diplomacy, economy, and security have all collapsed," adding, "The Coronavirus incident has shown that the president thinks of China before the people's lives and safety, and people are disappointed."

Rev. Choi Chi-ho said, "The Republic of Korea should again seize the values of freedom, democracy, and peaceful unification," stressing, "It is time for Koreans overseas to pray for their country, praying for God's remarkable recovery toward the Republic of Korea on the occasion of the 101st Samiljeol Independence Day."