Shincheonji religious group is the heresy recognized as the main culprit behind the spread of the Coronavirus crisis in Korea.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said on March 3rd (local time)  that it is currently in the process of canceling the corporation aggregate in Shincheonji, adding that it will cancel the plan after hearing the case next week.

Yoo Yeon-sik, head of the cultural director of Seoul City Hall, said in a daily news briefing, "We believe that Shincheonji has done harm to the public interest."

Yoo said, The Corona crisis, which threatens the lives and health of the people, has reached a serious situation. In this regard, Shincheonji submitted the list of names in a belated and false manner despite its obligation to actively cooperate with the government quarantine authorities," he said.

Moreover, he said, "they are rejecting or making false statements to the entire investigation and continue to hold meetings through various camouflage facilities. When we put all of these together, we see this as an act of harming the public interest."

In addition, if they decide to cancel (approval of the corporation aggregate), they will be notified of their decision. "Then, the corporation will lose its character as a corporation and be reduced to a voluntary organization," he added.