Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on 6(local time) that an international human rights organization has marked out North Korea for the world's worst oppressor of civil rights and political circles.

Freedom House, a U.S.-based international human rights watchdog, released its "Freedom in the World 2020," which surveyed 210 civil and political freedoms in 195 countries and 15 municipalities around the world last year.

According to the report, North Korea scored 0 out of 40 political freedoms and 3 out of 60 civil liberties in this year's report, with 3 out of a total of 100, according to the report. Syria received zero total points to rank at the bottom, while Eritrea, South Sudan and Turkmenistan ranked second in total.

"North Korea is the only remaining absolute dictatorship in the world," said Puddington, a senior researcher at Freedom House, in an interview with RFA. "In the World Freedom Report that has been released since 1972, no other country has persistently received the lowest free index like North Korea."

"Eritrea, South Sudan, Turkmenistan and even Syria, which ranked at the bottom of the year, will have room for improvement after five or 10 years. But the three major leaders of North Korea have all been controlling everything to maintain the totalitarian dictatorship in the North, he pointed out.

He said, "I don't think there is any possibility of change because the North's three leaders -- Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un -- have fully taken control of all sectors of the North's party, law, military and security agencies. However, three points were given, that there is a little bit more economic freedom, such as local markets, and a little more gender equality than some other countries," he said.