With the iPhone SE expected to launch soon, the anticipated names for the apple device were iPhone SE2 and iPhone 9, but Apple accidentally freed accessory package data, and it will be presumably be called iPhone SE(2020).

US Media (IT) Cnet posted an article suggesting various prospects related to iPhone SE on the 5th.

The new model name is iPhone SE and is expected to be an upgraded model of the iPhone SE from 2016.

It states that Apple has made an increase in its market share with low-priced models, while the global smartphone market is frozen.

In the meantime, the most significant interest is the release date. The foreign media predicted that it would be available on the 15th, and prior reservations are made starting on the 22nd.

On the other hand, 9to5mac.com reported that "the release on the 3rd is promising", and the possibility of early release was debated, but it turned out to be false information.

According to CNET, considering that the whole world is experiencing a pandemic with "COVID-19", said that it is also necessary to open up the possibility of delay in reservation sales such as pre-order.

The price is also a concern, Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the price of the iPhone SE at $399 and is expected to target the low-end smartphone market with this price as a weapon. The price of iPhone SE in 2016 was also $399.

The design of the iPhone SE is based on the iPhone 8 and is expected to inherit the unique design of the iPhone with a home button. The chipset of iPhone SE is expected to be equipped with 3GB of RAM in the A13 processor installed in the iPhone 11, and the internal storage is expected to be subdivided into three types: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

Additionally, the report by 9to5Mac mentions it'll also come in white, black, and red color options, along with five different official cases including black silicone, white silicone, and red leather.

The previous version of iPhone SE (2016) has been very successful because of its affordable costs and traditional style of older versions of the iPhone. A considerable amount of attention is centered on this new release and expected to make a debut soon.