IT expert in Twitter Jon Prosser raised the anticipation that the notch size of the next-generation iPhone would be reduced. This prediction proved to be correct as new rendering photos supporting this claim have been leaked recently and drawn people's attention.

The major media companies, such as IT media phone arena, reported on the 7th that Twitter user Fudge (@choco_bit) released graphic pictures of the front and back of the iPhone 12 through Twitter. Phone Arena composed and released a rendered photo of the iPhone 12 based on the images Fudge published.

The photos released by Fudge are graphic pictures with interface elements on the screen, which appear to come from iPhone tutorials or supporting documents.

The most noticeable part of the picture is the size of the notch, which is about a third smaller than the notch of the iPhone with Face ID. Analyst Ming Chi Guo, an expert analyst at Apple, predicted that the notch will be smaller for at least one iPhone model this year.

Also, the rear camera lens on the back seems to have been newly arranged. This is similar to the design of the camera with the addition of the 2020 iPad Pro's LiDAR camera lens, which was released earlier this year.

As can be seen from the image, the widget-like shape is placed between the iPhone home screen icons. This is expected to represent the widget function, a new feature introduced in the next-generation iPhone operating system iOS14.

Meanwhile, the release of the new iPhone 12 could possibly be delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Jon Prosser Tweeted, "Though supply the chain is improving, the iPhone 12 will still likely be delayed. Prototyping for iPhone 12 isn't even done yet. It requires execs from Apple to travel to China, and due to travel bans, they haven't been able to finalize. Expect iPhone 12 in Oct/Nov." 

The obstacle is not just with the production schedule, the release can be delayed because of the change in demand of customers for the product. Apples is also expected to release new version of iPhone SE as well.