On April 13th, multiple tornadoes swept through South Carolina killing more than nine people and left 74,000 without power in South Carolina alone. More than 60 tornadoes were reported as the storms that began on Easter Sunday progressed through the south part of the United States.

A Christian Woman named Allison Ritter was at the scene when tornadoes passed through her region. She said she was calling on Jesus, and she and her family were left unharmed from the tornadoes.

She said "Once I heard that wind blowing, I knew. My children and I were in the house when it happened. I never experienced anything like that before. My mom ended up calling me right before it happened and about five minutes later was when I ran and got my kids. I started hearing all the wind blowing, windows breaking, trees cracking, debris just hitting up against the house. It was a lot."

She took no time to take her family to the bathroom, and they huddled together while she called out for God's protection. "I just wanted to make sure we were safe," she said. "None of the kids knew what was going on. Between all the wind blowing and trees falling, I just kept calling on Jesus. That's all I know to do in a case like this. He just kept His hand over us."

"I am so thankful. I just thank God for shielding and protecting us through this storm because I hear many didn't make it," Ritter added.

Meteorologists say three tornadoes ripped through South Carolina on early Monday, killing a total of nine people throughout the state.

Gov. Henry McMaster declared a state of emergency in response to the devastation, which cited extensive property damage and localized flooding, as well as other dangerous conditions. McMaster tweeted, "We saw more tragedy in the midst of what is already one of the most trying times our state has endured. We lost at least nine precious lives across South Carolina last night to the tornadoes that swept through our state."

McMaster added, "SC is a big family, and we're going to take care of each other. The worst nature can throw at us will only bring out the best in us."