Nic Brown, who became the first confirmed COVID-19 patient from his eastern Ohio county, nearly lost his life while isolated in a window-lined ICU unit at Cleveland Clinic. 

"I was on full life support, there was a time during this process where the hospital reached out to my wife about end-of-life options then at the bottom they wrote, "we will get you home."

Although the chances were low for recovering, the nurses gave him hope by writing him a note saying "we will get you home."

He stated, "I really saw the love of God through these people. I truly believe faith made the difference and the people behind me just pouring over me the prayers that they were giving me."

"I don't know that I've ever seen such selfless people in my life. I really saw the love of God through these people."

How God moved these people has truly blessed Brown as he states that it was all through the power of prayer. He also notices that God is working on his ways to help him throughout his coronavirus recovery.

Actions were proven that God is the healer throughout this process.

"As he was getting ready to get out of ICU, Nic asked the nurse to help him leave a message of thanks on the door of the isolation room. Nick was fighting for his life."

Brown stated that he experienced God's love through the people that were with him.