American Actor, Tom Hanks appeared on the TV Show, "Saturday Night Live" delivering the opening monologue on the pre-taped episode from his kitchen. SNL returned for its first episode in more than a month, with social distancing restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Hanks feature on SNL as host was filled with lots of positivity, an update on his health and jokes given for comfort and support of viewers effected during these trying times.

Hanks playfully stated, "don't worry now the shaved head was just for a movie, my hair is growing back slowly. It is good to be here, but also weird to be here hosting Saturday night live from home. Let's give it a shot!" 

"Ever since being diagnosed, I have been more like America's dad than ever before," Hanks said. "Since no one wants to be around me very long and I make people uncomfortable. This is a little bit different for one thing as it is entirely filmed by SNL casts who are currently quarantined inside their homes. There's no such thing as Saturday anymore." 

Throughout this time, Tom encourages people to stay strong and care for each other who are also quarantined at home. 

"Stay safe, we are in this for the duration and we will get through this together, we are going to thank the hospital workers, first responders, and all the helpers. Supermarket stockers, people who deliver our food, the people who are making take out for us, men and women who are keeping this country. We are going to take care of each other!"