It is inevitable for an individual to go through trials and tribulations. In Africa, Islam is known to be the top religion of the Continent. Christians who are suffering in Africa are calling out for help due to lack of support.

It is stated that Between the end of March and Easter, Christian communities in Africa have been  suffering from numerous attacks by extremists that killed 31 people and left homes destroyed.

Meanwhile, Yohannes, who betrayed his home in Africa to leave his religion, has been expelled to be a Christian. Christians have denied access to community resources as ostracized from society, effectively cutting them off with help and support. As people like Yohannes are struggling to find enough food. Christians are known to be living a difficult life.

"While the coronavirus pandemic has hit Asia, Europe and North America with full force, sub-Saharan Africa, home to 1.1 billion people, is only the beginning of the crisis. By Tuesday, April 14, there were 9,100 reported cases, with a death toll of 195-a death rate of just over two percent of reported cases."

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, violent persecution continues to attack many Christians in Africa. Open doors, known to be a website that supports persecuted Christians worldwide, reached out and shared:

"Recently, Open Doors met with Rev. John Joseph Hayab in northern Nigeria, who shared how the pandemic is doubling vulnerability for believers: "We are facing persecution because of our faith and we are also facing a global pandemic," he says. "We run away from our persecution or we run away from the global sickness that we are facing. We have a double problem." 

"According to Open Doors World Watch Research, data indicates a direct correlation between the countries in sub-Saharan Africa that are most vulnerable to the virus and the countries where Christians face the most pressure for following Jesus."

Days of the coronavirus pandemic continued to persecute Christians like Yohannes and gave way to even more ways believers can be discriminated against, exploited and attacked for their faith.

Yet, there is positivity spread among online sites such as open doors that keep them safe and updated. 

"But in all this, we still come back to remember the Word of Jesus: 'Be ye of good cheers, for I have overcome the world.' But He didn't start with that; He says: 'In this world you will have many troubles.' This is another additional trouble we are facing."

One pastor in the area shared: "We lie down at night, not knowing if we'll wake."

Christians who are living in a dangerous area don't know if they will be alive tomorrow. They are desperate for love, hope, support, prayer, and help from brothers and sisters all around the world. 

"In the midst of this coronavirus challenge and situation, the attacks on Christians have not stopped," Suleiman says. "Therefore, we want to ask you to stand with us in prayer and support that we can continue to serve the persecuted Body of Christ, even in these very difficult times we are all passing through."

"If this continues, it is hard for Christians to stay strong. For new believers, like Yohannes, who have left the religion of their larger family to become Christians and are struggling to eat, critical support means the difference between reverting back to Islam and even basic survival. When we strengthen believers in crisis, we equip and empower them to share their story of faith with others. Essentially, we help build the Kingdom." 

By sharing an important message among Christian families, people located in Africa (Yasin) sends out prayer requests to the WORLD:  

"I would like to encourage you to keep up your fervent prayer. The Word of God in James 5:6 says: 'Therefore, pray for each other, so that you may be healed.' The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. Therefore, I would really like to encourage you with this word, to do that more and more."

  • Pray for the Lord's protection, for spiritual and physical nourishment and for guidance in every step during this uncertain time.
  • Pray for church leaders who serve the persecuted church. Pray that they receive godly wisdom and insight for how to best assist, serve and encourage believers. May God also strengthen these leaders to run this race with confidence and perseverance.
  • Many countries have failing health systems. Please pray for the protection of health workers who must work under extremely stressful and challenging circumstances. Pray also they may receive the wisdom and insight to navigate the various challenges they face, such as not necessarily having enough equipment and medicine to treat the sick.
  • We know Jesus is the healer of the sick and ultimate champion over death. We pray if it is in His will, that He will heal and breathe new life into those affected by virus so they may testify to His power and glory.
  • Pray for African leaders and governments on all levels. We pray these leaders and governments use their power and voices to assist all citizens of all religions. We pray they make decisions that protect and serve everyone in their country.
  • Pray for transparency and press freedom so we can assist and advocate for the persecuted church to the best of our abilities.
  • We have already seen and heard how God has worked in the hearts of people around the world. We pray the Lord will also work in the hearts of rebels and terrorists that operate in sub-Saharan Africa. May they cease fighting and attacking vulnerable communities, and may they release believers that they hold captive.
  • We ask that you also pray for Open Doors, as every person in the ministry requires exceptional wisdom for how to best help and serve the persecuted church.