Over 1,000 members from more than 15 churches gathered for drive-in mass service Sunday night in Franklin, TN with the state governor's attendance. 

The Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee attended a multi-church "Beyond Our Walls" worship service Sunday evening at the Williamson County Ag Expo Park, Christianheadlines News reported. While some government leaders have discouraged drive-in church services, the congregation drove their cars to a large parking lot to pray, sing and listen to various speakers. Way-FM (88.7), a local Christian station, broadcast the event.

The event benefited "One Generation Away" which distributes food to families in need through Middle Tennessee, the media noted. 

The governor, almost in tears, thanked everyone for doing their part within the community to combat COVID-19.

"Thank you for everything that every one of you are doing," he said. "Thank you for doing your part to stay apart. Thank you for loving your neighbors as yourself. Thank you for serving in food banks and thank you for serving in nonprofits. And thank you for serving in your neighborhoods."

The governor encouraged everyone to continue to pray to have faith in God's protection during this pandemic with John 16:33. 

"Thank you for praying. Thank you for having hope," he said. "In this world, we'll have many troubles, but we know where our hope comes from and He has overcome the world. And we'll do all we can that's humanly possible. We thank you for praying that He will have favor on our state."

Hundreds of cars honked as a replacement for the typical "amen" or hand clap.

The service did not break any laws. It also followed COVID-19 guidelines, according to event organizers.

"People will stay in their cars and thereby adhere to social distancing suggestions," the Facebook pages said. "We have the approval of local, state, and national governmental leaders."

Watch the entire Beyond Walls 2020 service. Gov. Lee's comments start at the 24-minute mark.