A family of five who endured severe cases of coronavirus has recently survived through their battle. After they suffered through severe cases of coronavirus, the family members overcame hardship and pain. 

"One of the family members, David Kruse stated that he doesn't know for sure how he or the rest of his family contracted the mystery virus, but he says there was a common link that they all visited their mother at Life Care Center in Kirkland in February." 

David Kruse explains the hardship he suffered throughout the pandemic.

"I literally felt like I was fighting for my life. Please, don't let my family suffer, don't let my mother and my father and others. And then, my sister got sick."

Kruse was hopeless and devastated due to the outcome of his family's illness. 

One week after Kruse contracted coronavirus, his sister, Karen Kruse Goheen, and brother, Phil Kruse, became ill. Their mother and father, both in their late 80s, also contracted the virus. By mid-March, all five family members were battling the deadly disease, and three had to be hospitalized. 

"It really did feel at times that we were in a life or death situation,"

"The sweating at night, the high fevers, the headache was absolutely horrendous,"

"I raised my hands straight up in the air and said, 'Oh God, please protect my family. Protect me, heal me, give me strength,'" 

The Kruse family credits their faith, friends, and children for support, as their faith in God has helped them overcome the virus. After the recovery, Kruse's family was eagerly happy to see each other's faces and be reunited. 

"To see the love on their faces when they touch each other, it's just an incredible story." 

Even in the face of the pandemic, the Kruse family shares hope and encourages people that there is a possibility to regain strength and overcome trials. Trusting their local medical care providers and God, the Kruse family is now sharing their story in an attempt to spread hope for recovery on Facebook as well as opening up a page for survivors to regain hope and positivity to prove that it is curable.