North Korea continues to be a dangerous country for Christians. Once believers are discovered, they risk imprisonment in one of North Korea's notorious prison camps, or even execution. In the midst of Kim Jong Un's health problems, Christians are praying for reunification among North Korea. 

According to Open Doors, Christians are pressured, arrested, attacked, or killed for their faith. With the absolute power in North Korea held by Kim Jong Un and his family, the country will always persecute Christians, at least at the current level and possibly at a higher level. 

Kim's regime believes that Christianity has the potential to threaten their absolute power.

"A recent release of a propaganda film titled "The Trait of Anti-Revolution of Shamanistic Religion and Religious Superstition" was used to indoctrinate North Korean people throughout the country against shamans and Christians. The goal of the movie is to warn citizens about secret believers."

Not being able to have freedom of religion has affected many Christians in North Korea as about 300,000 secret believers are praying and worshiping underground. 

"The Kim dynasty has always viewed Christianity as a threat. They are earnestly praying. Most refugees outside North Korea are very concerned. At the moment, because of the COVID-19 restrictions, they are unable to contact their families."

"The believers pray for the safety of the underground churches, for an end to the coronavirus pandemic, for the country's stability, and for the alleviation of the persecution of Christians. Above all, they pray for the gospel to shine through in North Korea."

"Refugees also pray for the safety of their families inside North Korea, for a regime change and the collapse of the current system, and for a government that's more open and less controlling. They pray for reunification that leads to a democratic system-and a reunification led by the gospel."

Open Doors shares a prayer request for North Korean Christians.

-Pray for the secret believers who are likely dealing with coronavirus on top of the normal pain of living in a country where they are constantly in danger.

-Pray for the Christians in North Korea who have to worship in secret. Pray they will be safe, and they will know the comfort of Jesus.

-Pray that, no matter what happens with Kim Jong Un, the government will open up and allow freedom for believers to publicly live out their faith.       

-Pray for the health and salvation of Kim Jong Un.

-Pray God will touch his heart and he will repent and seek salvation.