A great-great-grandfather who lived through the Spanish Flu, Great Depression and World War II has added 'coronavirus survivor' to his list on his 107th birthday. 

Rudolph "Rudi" Heider battled the virus for weeks last month isolated inside a nursing home in Chesterfield, Missouri. On Tuesday, Rudi's family received the joyous news that Rudi had shown no symptoms for two weeks and he'd been cleared to come out of isolation. 

Rudi's grandson Matthew Heider said he and his wife Janet who recently welcomed a grandchild of their own had prayed for a month for their grandfather's recovery even though the corona virus seems to be deadly to old aged people like Rudi.

"When that call came that he wasn't doing well... He was fighting fevers; I think he was at 102° and he had said he wanted to die.... I cried," Janet said with tears, King5 News noted. 

However, just as he had overcome many other difficult times over his long lifetime - Rudi pulled through. On his 107th birthday, he was declared well enough to come out of isolation. 

"Hi Grandpa! Happy, happy birthday," Matthew and Janet said over the phone." "I love you very much," Rudi replied. "Thank you, everyone, for all the help you've given me." 

Rudi thanked the couple for their support when they called him on Tuesday to wish him a happy birthday.  

Asked what his grandfather's 'secret' for such a strong life was, Matthew Heider said: 'I think a lot of it is definitely having a positive attitude and his mind is so active.' 

At 107 years old, Rudi is believed to be one of the oldest people recover from coronavirus until now and his family shares this in hope to inspire others fighting with the virus.