Christina Stanton, a woman known to be an author, survived the traumatic 9/11 terror and overcomes 2 COVID-19 hospitalizations after her husband were both tested positive. Christina stated that their troubles brought them closer to God and certainly deepened their relationship with God.  

"I invoked the name of Jesus Christ there is power in prayer." 

The Stantons didn't die but suffered health problems from the toxic dust for years. Christina Stanton stated that it was definitely a battle and you were very cognizant that you were in a battle for your life. Now they've spent the last month fighting to survive the coronavirus after both of them tested positive. 

"Everyone's running around screeching and bumping into each other and catapulting over things. And I just remember looking at Brian and saying, 'Are we going to die?'"

"It was definitely a battle. And you were very cognizant that you were in a battle for your life." 

"I'm feeling ok today, which is a very good thing," Stanton wrote in an email to Tallahassee Magazine on Friday morning, a day after her release from the hospital. 

"Can you imagine the trauma, how scary all this has been for them?" Stanton said to Tallahassee Magazine.

In her blog, she also shares a timeline that highlights her first symptoms, two hospital stays, and a horrifying night only days ago that she didn't think she would survive.

"Last night I can truly say I thought might be my last night on earth," Stanton wrote in her blog on Tuesday.

Through her illness, Stanton has shared social media updates that trumpet her faith; express concern about her health; request prayers for her and her husband; yearn for visits to Maclay Gardens and Alligator Point; and express gratitude for well-wishers, for the help of friends and for her husband's comparatively better health.

She also extended prayer to the people of Madagascar and South Africa; beloved places in her missionary work.

"Someone who doesn't take the pandemic seriously - I don't even know what that looks like," Stanton wrote in her email Friday to Tallahassee Magazine. "This is a plague where the microbes are trying very hard to kill you. And it HURTS as it's trying to kill you. You are in extreme discomfort. It's a BAD way to go. That's why I'm so worried about countries like South Africa and Madagascar that I visit. I've spent a few nights in a cushy hospital bed, and I have all the water, drinks, food, etc., and I'm STILL in agony. Those people who don't have any of that in those poor countries will die a very bad death."

"Our whole lives are changed because of 9/11. It certainly deepened our relationship with Christ."