In the midst of the pandemic, a Pastor located in Massachusetts was fined $300 for holding an in-person service.

Kristopher Casey, pastor of Adams Square Baptist Church in Worcester, waved an American flag after Sunday's service while his congregation sang 'God Bless America.' Casey explained his sanctuary has been deep-cleaned, a process that costs thousands of dollars, before services, and congregants must wear masks and gloves at all times. 

"Police tracked approximately 40 people leaving the church, which seats more than 300, on Sunday, in violation of the state's ban on gatherings of 10 people or more."

With faith, Casey is known to be confident throughout the moment of despair. 

"People are excited about someone standing up and protecting our rights. We'll see if I get arrested or not on Sunday." 

"If we allow the government to shut down the light of Jesus Christ, America will go dark spiritually and we may never return."

"We saw two folks raise their hand for salvation on Sunday in the service, another young man prayed for salvation standing on the sidewalk outside the church, and a dear lady prayed for salvation after watching Sunday's livestream."

Kris Casey also appeals during Sunday service that whatever valley was going through, one got to understand that God has a plan and purpose. 

"You should give your life to Jesus Christ, God here I am, I'm ready to do your battle, I'm ready to do your work. I'm ready to do whatever you want me to do. God, I'm right here, I'm ready to stand tall and fight the battle." 

On the other hand, Adam Square Baptist church also continues to engage with people on Facebook. 

"Two families want to become members. Another young woman wants to be baptized after receiving Christ as her Savior a few months ago. God is at work!" 

As Kris Casey continues to be bold, he thanked those who stepped up to support him throughout this moment. 

"We didn't come this far to only come this far. Thank you for all of those who stepped up in support of us and this cause. Here is the civil fine delivered from the Chief of Police in Worcester. He is doing a great job and I have nothing but respect for him and the job he is doing." Kris Casey posted on his Facebook.