An inside source from the South Pyongan Province recently told Daily NK that North Korean authorities are insisting people that South Korea and the US are spreading COVID-19 Intentionally.

The source told Daily NK, "A coronavirus prevention session was held during a recent inminban meeting." Inminban is a Neighborhood Watch-like form of a local cooperative organization in North Korea. No North Korean person exists outside the inminban system; everyone is a member.

The speaker at this meeting told people that the US and South Korea are "spraying the coronavirus on various items" and shipping them to North Korea.

The speaker also urged people that they should "be alert" and if they discover any "strange items" it is their duty to report it to the authorities immediately and avoid touching them.

This is interpreted with the intention of the North Korean authorities to shift the responsibility of the economic disaster caused by the COVID-19 crisis to external factors such as the Korean government and the United States and to win over the public's sentiment. Also, to use the lockdown situation to focus more on  "ideological education" given to the people .

In this regard, the North Korean media are likewise emphasizing patriotism, ideological unity, and highlighting the solidarity system among the people.

North Korean medias are also taking part in this matter. Rodong Sinmun published an editorial page on April 29, stating that the primary motivator of state development is "the ideological and spiritual strength of the masses." The article continued that "All party members and other working people should cherish absolute loyalty to the party and ardent patriotism and fully discharge their responsibilities and duties in the grand revolutionary advance for building a powerful socialist country."

Rodong Sinmun on the same day printed the entire third page dealing with the series of a model example of propaganda education around the country conducted by "frontline" propaganda officials.

Meanwhile, there were many reported cases in which North Korea was telling people false information about South Korea's attempt to harm them. Daily NK previously reported that another speaker from North Korea authorities addressed that South Korea is waging "biological warfare" against North Korea.

Daily NK also reported that the lecturer from the meeting held in late March in Hoeryong told people that South Korean authorities were "spreading" the coronavirus into the country.