The international Christian Concern recently shared one video of a North Korean Christian Woman praying for the nation to be released from the chain of the dictatorship. 

According to ICC, North Korea is the most dangerous nation in the world to practice Christianity and against several persecutions, the North Korean Church remains. 

In the video clip of 2009 that was shared from ICC's partners at Free North Korea Radio, a woman knelt in a dark room offering an earnest and sincere prayer to God. 

In her prayer, the woman asked God for peace of North Korean, especially for children who lost their houses and parents suffering from hunger and for North Korean people who are beaten and dying under the injustice of the dictator regime of Kim-Jung-il. 

"Please save these innocent people with Your hand. Father God, on this earth, hungry children and old people are wandering without houses and numerous innocent people who are dying of beatings, hunger, and cold." "I pray for them. Father God, please take care of them so that they could live in comfort and peace," She asked in prayer. 

"Please bless these precious daughters and sons of Yours, and grant the fire to the Kim Jung-Il regime which governs this country under a dictatorship," "Almighty God in heaven, please allow your people in this country to live in comfort and peace," She added. 

She also prayed that may God take care of her daughter as she doesn't know whether she is alive or not. She continued to pray that separated parents and children reunite soon, and all people of the land be free from Kim Jung-il dictatorship.