On May 7th, the National Day of Prayer, the First lady Melania Trump released a message from the White House that calls Americans of faith to turn to prayer.

First Lady Melania Trump spoke in her remark "All through history, Americans have unified in a challenging moments, and during our greatest times of need, we always turn to prayer." She went on to ask Americans to pray for those who are serving on the front lines of the Pandemic, and to provide comfort to those who have lost love ones in this uncertain time.

"We must keep our faith in God and pray for the courage and knowledge that better days ahead of us. "She added, " Through prayer and faith We will get through this together." "When we reach out to the Lord, let us remember I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."

In her twitter, she noted, "It reminds the grace of God & importance of faith, family & loved ones in our daily lives.

This day President Trump and the First lady Melania Trump also delivered remarks at the National Day of Prayer Ceremony in Rose Garden amid pandemic.