President Donald Trump claimed that America is opening up the country again in a safe way and will get the economy back to where it was sooner than what people would expect. 

Trump emphasized the importance of safety, letting everyone know they should know to take care of themselves, including using social distancing.

"This is a big moment in our history because we are opening up our country again. People are coming out, and they are starting to go around and see what's happening. They have been sorts of shutdown as the expression goes. But we are opening up our country. People want our country to open up."

"Now, we want to do it in a safe way, we want to make sure safety, you know all about social distancing, and washing your hands, and all of the things that we're supposed to do."

Trump continued on saying that America built the greatest economy in the world. No country stands at a level close to America. He said he is going to take the economy back to where it was before, and it will happen sooner than what people would imagine.

"Something I think it's important is to say because I have been okay at this kind of thing is our economy. It's going to come back very strong; you know we built the greatest economy anywhere in the world nobody is even close, greater than China by far, greater than anybody. Nobody was even close."

"I did it once, and we are going to do it again. And it's going to be just as strong by the time we have it done. And it's going to be a lot sooner than anybody would understand. We are going to have incredible next year and I look forward to it."

Meanwhile, Trump also made comments during the National Prayer Day Speech. He said that the nation needs prayer now more than ever before. He wants Americans to ask the Lord for courage and comfort so that America can recover with strength.

"On this national day of prayer, America is engaged in a fierce battle against a very terrible disease. Throughout our history, in times of challenge, our people have always called upon the gift of faith, the blessing of belief, the power of prayer and the eternal glory of God." 

"I ask all Americans to join their voices and their hearts in spiritual union as we ask our Lord in heaven for strength and solace, for courage and comfort, for hope and healing, for recovery and for renewal."

Trump affirmed the importance of prayer in America for every generation, and with God's help, America can defeat the enemy and prevail to even greater extents.

"In every age and in every generation, the prayers of our people and the faith of our families has willed us on to victory. No obstacle, no enemy and no danger can overcome the mighty spirit and soul of our nation. In every battle against poverty, against disease, against tyranny and evil, we have placed our loyalty in each other and our trust in God and we have prevailed." 

"We will continue to prevail. We will prevail again. We will vanquish the virus. We will defeat the enemy. We will not fail. Once more, we call upon our creator to guide us through these very complex steps, protect our people, rebuild our communities and restore a beloved nation to even greater heights."