California pastors are eagerly trying to prepare for reopening churches on Sunday, May 31st disregarding guidance against this from the state.

President Trump also declared that people should be put back in church as pastors including Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, Matt Brown of Sandals Church in Riverside, and Danny Carroll of Water of Life Community Church in Fontana, have signed a petition and plan to advise Gov. Gavin Newsom of their plans which include social distancing.

Churches desperately have given out reasons why they must re-open and have denied asking for permission if Gov. Newsom doesn't put in further action into reopening. As pastors exclaim that churches are essential, they're not ceasing to prepare for their next on-site service. "The churches are not asking for permission" 

"We'll give the governor an opportunity to amend his order, if he doesn't, these pastors have told me that they're committed to opening regardless of what the governor decides."

According to the CBN news, nearly 500 California pastors are arguing that there are public health reasons for reopening churches and calls online service a replacement for physical presence. 

"We have all kinds of emotional issues that are going on. We have marital issues in our church. We're seeing a spike in depression, suicide, drug addiction," 

CBN added, Sacramento pastor Sam Rodriguez, one of the president's closest faith advisors, also plans to reopen his church in the coming weeks. He started in that direction last Sunday, preaching in the parking lot of his church campus to parishioners parked in their cars."

"We're going to maintain our social distancing. We're going to do everything right."

Dr. John Jackson, the president of William Jesseup University, a Christian college outside of Sacramento, says people of faith need a human connection right now.

"The presence of God matters, but touch matters," 

"I love technology but it is not a replacement for physical presence and I think we can do so with social distancing."

Due to the unfair treatment of how the world is going around, Jackson added, "I find it very inappropriate that I can go to the grocery store and buy a loaf of bread and be with all other kinds of people. I can go to the hardware store and get my supplies for my home maintenance but I cannot go to a church," he said. Judge Mendez pushed back against that idea in his ruling, saying that shoppers going to a business to buy a specific item is different from churchgoers communing together."

Desperately trying to gather people for worship, Pastors are constantly encouraging each other to reopen churches on the 31st as many people are concerned.