Texas Church, Fellowship Church,  held 3 onsite services over the weekend - One on Saturday evening and two Sunday morning at its Grapevine campus. Four other campus sites in the Dallas-Fort Worth area held one Sunday morning service. 

Senior Pastor Ed. Young stated, that people desire to physicality attend the church. Although online services are great, some explain that its incomparable with being inside a church physically with others.

"We love the online church. We've been online for a long time. The numbers are ridiculously big, and that's great. But there's nothing like the physicality of gathering."

According to Baptist Press, each campus site limited attendance to 25 percent capacity -- which was not a requirement imposed on churches under Texas guidelines. The church requested those who wanted to attend to make reservations. Once in the parking lot, volunteers -- wearing masks with the message "GREAT 2 C U" -- directed cars to park in every other spot.

The church has met its safety guidelines and performed an excellent task for social distancing. 

"People were greeted outside, rather than in the atrium, and used only designated entrances. They were provided with face coverings and escorted to seats by ushers, beginning in the front of the auditorium and working toward the back. Every other row was vacant; people were seated with at least six feet between family units. After each service, attendees were dismissed row by row."

"The sanctuary underwent thorough cleaning before the services and again between each service. The process required more time between services. Restroom use, monitored by volunteers, was limited to one-half the number of sinks."

Young also stated that among those who gathered for service, there were first-time visitors. As people were attending the on-site service, Fellowship Church held up a signed poster in the parking lot with a message for everybody's safety.

"Please join us online if you've had these symptoms this week,"  

The message contains a list including a fever over 100 degrees, cough or sore throat, shortness of breath, or contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days. 

The church also stated that one woman who had planned to visit Fellowship Church for the first time read the sign and informed a volunteer she worked with COVID-19 patients. People are regulating the rules and respecting others as they are keeping their social distances. The church calls it a blessing to be a part of together and will continue to maintain the in-hold services throughout the weekend.