A 113-year-old woman has made history as the oldest woman in Spain and now she's setting more records as she officially becomes the country's oldest coronavirus survivor.

Maria Branyas was born on March 4th, 1907 and diagnosed with COVID-19 in April 2020. A spokesman said her battle with COVID-19 started shortly after her family visit on March 4 to celebrate her 113th birthday. But she recovered after a mild case of COVID-19.

After confirming she beat COVID-19 on May 8th, Branyas said in a video recorded Monday, "In terms of my health I am fine, with the same minor annoyances that anyone can have."

Branyas spoke out on Twitter as well via an account that is run by her daughter, Rosa Moret. "Thank you very much for your congratulations and encouragement," she wrote on Tuesday. "Although I would have preferred not to have to live this unfortunate situation of nonsense in the treatment of the elderly in the country, I thank you. And a lot of strength to all the grandmothers and grandparents who are still struggling."