During the institution's board meeting this past weekend, Calvin University announced that they plan to use a $22.25 million anonymous gift to launch a new business school. 

"We are so very thankful to God and to the donors who made this gift possible. Our donors love the mission and were compelled by the vision of Calvin University and our desire to serve current and future students," said Michael Le Roy, president of Calvin University."

The university said in a statement Thursday that the construction on a new building for the School of Business will begin next spring, with completion targeted for fall 2022. 

University leaders see initiatives like these continuing to extend that mission and advance of the university's vision to 2030. 

"We are delighted and honored to be a part of this effort and believe that Calvin will get significant gifts from others to create a truly great school of business that will demonstrate that business skills are gifts from God and are used to help bring His Kingdom," wrote the anonymous donor.

Calvin's business program is well-respected by the way its grads embody the university's mission to serve by providing goods and services, meeting human needs, and promoting human flourishing. 

The school said, "Our goal, and the donor's intent, is to advance business knowledge and skills on a Christian liberal arts foundation characteristic of Calvin's mission."