A local pastor in Wuhan, China was taken away by police Saturday during an evangelical Christian event on Zoom, Christian persecution watchdog reported. 

Pastor Luo from Nanjing Road Church was preaching the whole day online with the themed of "Evangelism and Church Planting" during "Proclaim Jesus Gospel Gathering" via Zoom, and the police showed up around noon to "look for evangelism materials or publications before taking Luo away, according to International Christian Concern(ICC). 

Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness shared that Luo witnessed to police how Christians were serving the city during Wuhan's difficult time of pandemic during 4.5 of interrogation and was released leaving policemen speechless. 

"I rebuke them, calling them out that they are not minding business that they should be minding. Christians disregarded their own lives to do good things, yet the police treat them as the bad guys, this is unreasonable," Luo said to ICC. 

Luo added, "I also told them a few times in all seriousness, I will only live for Christ, I will not argue on other matters. However, I will never change [my persistence] about evangelism." 

ICC has reported previously about Christians' distribution of face masks, protective suits and Gospel pamphlets to passersby on streets in Wuhan when the virus first broke out which was also initiated by Luo. 

The Rev. Jonathan Liu, founder of Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness, told Fox News the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) views Luo as a "threat" because "the government requires everyone to be loyal to CCP and Xi Jinping."

"Since Xi Jinping came to power, the Chinese government's persecution of Christianity has been the norm, and it has been a very serious suppression of influential churches. They have woven various crimes to persecute churches and pastors," Liu told Fox News. 

All the churches outside of the government-controlled Three-Self Patriotic Movement are considered illegal by the Chinese Communist Party and still raided by authorities on their gatherings and activities. 

Last month, several members of China's heavily persecuted Early Rain Covenant Church were arrested while participating in an online Easter service on Zoom. 

Earlier this month, police violently raided a house church in Xiamen city in China's Fujian province during Sunday worship, injuring several worshipers in the process.