Hailey Bieber, a model and daughter of Christian actor Stephen Baldwin, and wife of popstar, Justin Bieber, opened up about her wedding day, marriage, and her growing faith with Hillsong Channel.

Hailey started off the interview by describing her wedding day and the little "mishaps" that happened during the wedding like the pew breaking in the middle of the ceremony which she embraced with positivity. "I think that imperfections are what make things beautiful," Hailey added to the event.

As a daughter raised as a Christian in a Christian household, Hailey Bieber confessed that she was "ridden with guilt" to always be a "good girl." But she believes that guilt and shame didn't have to define who she was and that every regretful decision she may have made still led to her as a married woman today.

"What I learned being married is that every mistake that I made and every bad decision I made--everything I was making myself feel guilty for--actually led to me getting married and it led to me being a wife."

Hailey confessed that it took "every ounce of her faith in Jesus" to step into marriage. "Getting married is not ever to be taken lightly. It's not a joke. It's very very very serious. And for me, it was like closing my eyes and jumping off the Grand Canyon." 

However, she trusted God and believed that "God would never put me in a situation that I couldn't handle."

Hailey also added some marriage advice, "If you don't want to compromise, don't get married," she said. "If you're not willing to step into a new life with someone--and you have to kind of say goodbye to some things from your past, and say goodbye to some old conveniences and luxuries and friends and people and time and space--don't get married," Hailey advised.

"You can't have the best of both worlds," she added. "You can't still be living your single life and be married...I stepped out of my life as a single woman and stepped into my life as a married woman and that's a whole new world in comparison to what it was before - and I would not change anything."

Mrs. Bieber also shared that throughout their marriage, her husband had helped her through those challenges of guilt and shame by affirming her and pointing her back to her faith. 

"He is constantly reminding me, like, who does Jesus say you are? What does the Bible say? What are we like? Where are we finding our truth?" she said.
Hailey is witnessing constant change within her husband, Justin Bieber, and their relationship as a married couple and she believes it was "only possible because Jesus was in the center of it." 

The Biebers got engaged on July 7, 2018, after briefly dating from December 2015 to January 2016, and reconciling in May 2018. In September 2018, the Biebers obtained a marriage license and they finally had an official ceremony on September 30, 2019.