May 20, 2020, Christians from Egypt full of despair, showed up discouraged due to their church being demolished. From the bottom of their heart, Christians in the village state the church was a place where their children were baptized, believers got married, and a place for their last goodbyes to loved ones. The building they were protecting was their 15-year-old church, which served 3,000 Christians in the village. According to Open Door U.S.A, The church had become too small to host Sunday School classes and other church activities, so they had decided to add onto their building. 

"Please don't take away our church!" they yelled. 

People who are involved clearly stated that the police were careless about the true information and attacked Christians regardless of their behavior with other Muslims who did not cease to hurt them.

"The police, and some Muslim extremists from our village that came along with them, insulted our priest and hit him in the face and chest so badly he fainted. Then they fired tear gas at us church members and attacked us physically; they even hurt women and children. They arrested 14 church members, including some women and a man whose arm was broken by the attackers. The church members weren't released until the next day. The man with the broken arm was given no medical treatment."

"The church lawyer made an official appeal against this order but the mayor ignored it-despite being informed-and sent 200 policemen without warning," says Bishoy.

Meanwhile, the church is on the verge of being demolished, Christians are concerned about their beloved church building being torn down and the altar, sanctuaries, and books they have owned. Christians in Egypt are sincerely reaching out for prayer for our brothers and sisters to become bolder and to encourage one another for their strong faith in God. 

"Where will the church members go to pray together now, where will they teach their children about Christ, keep their own faith alive? They don't know." 

"The nearest church now is 15 km away. It is too far if you consider that we Copts go to church multiple times a week and most of us don't have the means to travel out of our village. Please pray for us."