Located in Seattle, numerous volunteers are gathered to start the daunting task of cleaning up the extensive damage from Saturday night's riots and looting. In the midst of the devastating aftermath, volunteers weren't bothered as they showed up with their family members (including kids) and cleaning supplies. Together as a team, they swept up broken glass, scrubbed out graffiti, and threw away the trash to provide a safer environment for individuals who stay in Seattle. Volunteers try to prove a point that they are trying to do better by banding together to start restoring the city they love. Encouraging one another, all volunteers show full support and love during the time of chaos.  

"People who want to volunteer are encouraged to help, but a curfew will be in effect from 5 p.m. Sunday until 5 a.m. Monday. You can see the charred remains from the police cruiser that was set on fire. A mess in Old Navy and blown-out windows." -Komo News tweeted.  

According to Komo News, many are devastated due to their city having serious damages as people are standing up for justice and their city. 


"Mr. Rogers said in crisis, look for the helpers. We're the helpers," said Hillary, a volunteer who lives in downtown Seattle. "This is my community so everything that happens here I feel like is part of my responsibility to take care of each other and take care of where we live."

"Brian O'Kelly was one of the first volunteers rolling up his sleeves, cleaning up shattered glass and sweeping charred debris from what was left of a scorched police cruiser."

"People can protest - they can be angry and outraged as they should be over the death of Mr. Floyd," said Mayor Durkan. "But they can also have a love for community and those two things must go together."

"We're all hurting, I'm an African American woman, I care about our community, I care about what happened. I'm a police officer, all those things matter to me too," said Chief Best. "But we can't have people tear up the city, we can't allow that. I know Seattle is better than that."

"I just took a shower, I told my wife, 'I'm going to go down there and wipe off all that graffiti,' and I got my pressure washer," said Brian Irving. -ABC News