Los Angeles community members who were helping liquor store owners defend their businesses from looters were handcuffed and detained by the police. As a Fox News reporter caught the looters raiding a small local business scene on camera, the defenders were handcuffed and immediately yelled that they aren't the looters. 

According to Fox News, good Samaritans were trying to help the owners of a Los Angeles liquor store protect their business from alleged looters were handcuffed and detained by police who were confused after arriving at the scene Monday evening.

"I have children, African-American kids, he's not African-American, his son's not African-American but you're not gonna come to our city and tear our city up when this man has been here for over 30+ years and helped everyone on this city block." 

"We're not doing that. We're not tearing up anything over here," Monet recalled saying to the alleged looters.

When Los Angeles Police officers arrived in front of the store, there was confusion. 

"I was handcuffed, thrown up against a wall with my husband and brother-in-law, and I'm like, 'What the hell?'" 

"The news people are here and telling you, it's not her, she's trying to stop the situation."

Although Monet was handcuffed, she states that she understands fully and that there also has to be a mutual understanding in the country that police need to respond better in the African American community. 

"I understand the protest. I understand what this is about. I get it. I'm fighting for the same protest. But we don't want people from other cities to come and tear apart where we live because we have to rebuild this. We did this once before. I understand the anger."