While tensions between police and demonstrators have heated up in many places, some officers have shown solidarity with the movement by hugging protesters, praying with them, mourning with them, and taking a knee to honor George Floyd. According to CNN news, some police officers take time to show respect and sorrow for George Floyd's death.

 Officers sincerely pray for justice as people are joining hands with them. Marching and protesting with people all races, sheriffs and police officers stand strong with the protestors coming from an equal being.

"I took the helmet and my badge off! Where do you want to walk? We'll walk all night!" Officer Chris Swanson stated while other officers try to block the protestors. 

"Just like you, I was sickened! -Chief Andrew Smith yells through a microphone. 

Instead of grappling, there have been hugs, as officers took off their hats to show gestures. 

Some protestors are also protecting an officer from getting hurt by the people who are hurting the officers physically. In conclusion, people all around the world including police officers are showing love as they are constantly praying over George Floyd.