The spread of COVID-19 has affected the Yemini citizens with the infection of half the population and deaths of more than 40,000 Yeminis.

"There's a lot of anxiety and frustration dominating my neighborhood and social network. Many of the people around me are fearful, and there is talk about the tragic way a person with this virus can die, and the suffering of the victim and his family," shared a secret believer, Shoki.

Many Yemenis have very limited resources and are unable to afford medical care and if they so seek medical care, they seek it during the latest stages of an illness, making treatment and recovery even more burdensome.

Some Yeminis do not seek testing or treatment and are not reporting suspected cases at all in fear of the stigma of COVID-19 in Yemen.

"We've seen videos of health authorities in the northern areas dealing with the suspected cases that are reported to them, and they are arresting the people as if they are criminals," said Ali, a Christian.

The COVID-19 stigma in Yemen is that once contaminated with the virus, the government tries to get rid of the contaminated people, discouraging true treatment and only executing the removal of the virus.

"The quarantine conditions were terrible; there weren't enough bathrooms and not enough space for the number of people, Shoki added.

However, Shoki believes this hardship is bringing believers in Yemen closer to Jesus.

"I've noticed how believers are a blessing, as they talk about how to deal with this pandemic in a spirit of hope, encouragement and prayer." 

Believers are trying their best to keep protective measures by staying home and keeping a social distance. 

A believing woman in Yemen shared, "We pray for each other that the Lord Jesus will deliver us from this pandemic. It has brought us closer to Him and brought us closer to each other as His children in Yemen. We're trying to spend more time with our children, teaching them and praying together and praying for the salvation of our people."

Another believer named Hasan shared how he used his time during the pandemic in a statement, "A lot of people complain about emptiness and boredom because of the need to stay at home more, but I've found it to be a valuable opportunity to pray, draw closer to God, and feel the affection of His hand outstretched to His children."

Despite the hardships that Yemenis are facing, they are embracing this time as an opportunity to draw closer to and to focus on God. We pray for believers all around the world that they be humbled and inspired by the prayers of the Yemenis at this time. We also pray for the Yemenis to gain strength to fight through this pandemic by putting all their faith in God.