BLEXIT, short for "black exit", is a movement aimed at urging black Americans to leave the Democratic party, claiming that the Democratic Party takes their vote for granted.

The founder of BLEXIT, Candace Owens commented about BLEXIT in a statement, "It's an exit from political orthodoxy and from the left, which bases your worth on your skin color, sex, and sexual orientation."

Owens calls to black people to break free from the "victim narrative" that the Democratic Party has been stirring and asks them to not vote for the person but vote for one self's values.

"I tell them I support the president, but I'm not telling you to vote for him, just to vote for your values. It's not a call to leave the left and run to the right. It's a call to people to think independently," Owens shared.

During the 2016 election, almost 90% of African Americans voters supported the democratic party and 8% of African American voters supported the Republican party.

Steven Mulroy, a law professor at University of Memphis comments upon this statistics, There's a very strong correlation between African American identity and the tendency to vote along democratic party lines. This has been the unbroken tradition for a very long time at least since the civil rights movement and doesn't seem likely to change any time soon." 

Owens said, "Where we are right now is in the midst of an ideological war. We are - it's an ideological war."

The founder of BLEXIT was actually a liberal 4 years ago until 2016 when she attended a trump rally. Owens started to wonder "What do we have to show for 60 years of commitment to the Democratic Party?"

"If the left is the Titanic, I like to view myself as a little iceberg. Blexit sits underneath that, with thousands of black people sick of being lied to by Democrats," Owens said.

Owens believes Martin Luther King Jr. would have been a Blexiteer if he were alive today as she reminisces on his words from his speech, "He wanted a society where his children could grow up and not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

"We now live in a society where the left says people should only be judged by the color of skin. If you're black, you must be underprivileged. If you're white, you must have white privilege."