The retired pastor and best-selling Christian author, Tim Keller, shared that he is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Keller also had thyroid cancer in 2002.

Keller expressed his optimism in his Twitter post, "I have terrific human doctors, but most importantly I have the Great Physician himself caring for me," referring to God as his Great Physician.

He added a prayer list for those willing to pray for him in the same post. 

His first prayer request was that God will use "direct intervention" so that his cancer can hopefully disappear.  Pray "For God to use medical means or his direct intervention to make the cancer regress to the point of vanishing."

Keller's second prayer request said, "For Kathy and me, that we use this opportunity to be weaned from the joys of this world and to desire God's presence above all," asking that his focus be on wanting God above all the temporary joys of the world. 

His third prayer request said, "For my family to be comforted and encouraged," and his fourth and last prayer request was "For the side effects of treatment to allow me to continue writing and speaking."

Keller ended his post with a biblical quote from Hebrews 12:1-2, "Running the race set before me with joy, because Jesus ran an infinitely harder race, with joy, for me."

Keller shows unwavering faith, optimism, and humility in his fight through cancer. His God-centered prayer requests manifested Jesus-like selflessness by thinking not only for himself but also for those around him and ultimately for the glory of God.