First United Methodist Church of Sulphur Springs, Texas, and other churches resumed in-person worship on June 14. Taking various safety measures seriously, worship service continued carefully.

It is stated that the church planned "Re-gathering Sunday" on June 14, with three worship services drawing just under half the usual attendance of 325. Hugs and handshakes were out as well as the hymnals and offering plates. Feeling like a family union, people greeted one another as they were encouraged as a team. 

"At least we're together again. That's the main thing," said Lee Levine, a fifth-generation member and head of the greeting team.

According to U.M News, on Sunday, greeters also squirted hand sanitizer and offered masks. Wearing one was encouraged, not required, and most people went without.

The Rev. Ed Lantz, Senior pastor at First United Methodist Church preached and shared love throughout the time churchgoers were isolated among other believers. 

The Rev. Eric Park, the superintendent also stated Another third are having outdoor services with people staying in their cars or standing beside them while maintaining social distancing. 

"The spiritual health of our church has remained strong. Having said that, there's a deep, deep yearning to get back together," the Rev. Ed Lantz, the senior pastor stated. 

Dietze also came up with a three-phrase plan, drawing on both state and North Texas Conference guidelines.

"Cleaning has been a priority. The church's greeting team got special training, including on opening doors for all those arriving."

"The church offered a special 8 a.m. service for seniors and others at special risk, as well as the usual contemporary and traditional services."

"I'm so excited," said Kim Hewett, rubbing sanitizer into her hands and beaming as she stepped into the sanctuary. 

"It's like Easter and Christmas combined."

"The God of the Bible is the God of new beginnings."