Larry Kudlow, the Director of the National Economic Council and chief economic advisor to President Donald Trump expressed an optimistic tone about the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"There is no second wave coming. It's just hot spots. They send in CDC teams, we've got the testing procedures, we've got the diagnostics, we've got the PPE. And so I really think it's a pretty good situation," said Kudlow.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization on Friday warned that the pandemic has entered a "new and dangerous phase" as the disease accelerates in new locations globally and rises in areas that have begun to ease protective rules.

Johns Hopkins University also reported more than 30,000 new infections on Friday and Saturday, the highest daily total since May 1.

Kudlow expressed positivity about the course of the pandemic back on February 25 when he claimed that the U.S. government had already suppressed the coronavirus and reassured that although the virus is a "human tragedy" it will not become an "economic tragedy."

Ever since Kudlow's comments, the U.S. economy entered a recession according to the National Bureau of Economic Research and on March 23, Kudlow said he changed his view on the U.S. successfully containing the pandemic.

Meanwhile, White House trade advisor, Peter Navarro shared that the administration is preparing for a comeback of the disease.

"We are filling the stockpile in anticipation of a possible problem in the fall. We are doing everything we can beneath the surface, working as hard as we possibly can."

"You prepare--you prepare for what can possibly happen. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but of course, you prepare," Navarro warned.

Kudlow shared the "highly likely" possibility of another fiscal stimulus package from Congress and the White House after the July recess. Kudlow listed possible items that President Trump mentioned to add in a future economic support bill like a payroll tax holiday for the workforce, capital gains tax relief, and rewarding reemployment.