An American doctor, John Zawet, published a study reporting that "people who enjoy food with a thankful heart" are discovered with three unusual substances that others did not have.

 ★ The first substance is a kind of mysterious vaccine that even researcher John Zawet was not able to fully identify. This vaccine has the effect of helping the body resist all diseases. This claim is supported by others as well. Reports of the airway vaccine preventing disease and improving the immune function in humans are still being published. 

★The second substance is a substance called Antitoxin. It acts as an antibody, inhibits the progression of various diseases, prevents the invasion of germs, and sterilizes it as well, so it is said to help prevent and treat diseases.

 ★ The third substance is antiseptin. This serves as a preservative. This preservative prevents food from fermenting or spoiling abnormally in the stomach and helping digestion and absorption, thereby promoting people's health. "Efficacy of meal prayer" I hope to share this joyful news with people all over the world and pray that I can live with a prayer of thanksgiving before God, even if the whole family is alone.