Anderson Sr., a father who lost his son to a fatal shooting in a police-free zone expressed his distress on media only to get an unprecedented condolence phone call from President Trump.

Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr.'s son, Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr. was fatally shot in a police-free zone at CHOP, the Capitol Hill Organized Protest occupation zone, an area that was initially declared as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or CHAZ for short. 

Anderson Jr. went to the CHOP occupation zone early in the morning of June 20. The assailant and the cause of the fatal shooting that killed Anderson Jr. are still unknown and the case is still under investigation with no suspects in custody yet. Anderson died from multiple gunshot wounds after he was taken to the hospital.

Anderson Sr. told the media that he hadn't received a call from any public figure like Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee, black leaders, the Seattle Police Department, or the CHOP protesters who witnessed his son's murder to make sense of his son's death.

"They need to come talk to me and somebody needs to come tell me something, because I still don't know nothing," he said at the time. "Somebody needs to come to my house and knock on my door and tell me something." Anderson Sr. expressed his affliction in a Fox News interview.

The next day, Anderson Sr. received a condolence call from President Trump.

"Incredibly, Donald Trump called me. The president of the United States called me today. He gave his condolences, and me, I'm not a political guy. I told him, 'Nobody like you.' I'm real. Donald Trump called me and he didn't have to call me," Anderson Sr. shared.

The interviewer insisted that Trump "called at a perfect time during the funeral services" and that it "lifted Horace up."

"I don't want to belittle the power of the presidency or the seat of the presidency. It was very, very special for him [to call]," Anderson Sr. added.