Believers in China are experiencing oppression against their belief by the country's attempt to sinicize areas. 

On Wednesday of July 15, 2020, a church leader, Wang Hongze, was warned in Hebei province that he cannot join service and conduct bible study at unauthorized religious locations. 

The Fenggang sub-district office in Nangong city quoted the Regulations of Religious Affairs enacted by the State Council in 2018 when warning Wang Hongze.
The warning stated, "Those that have not obtained or have lost religious professional credentials, must not engage in activity as religious professionals; Non-religious groups, non-religious schools, non-religious activity sites, or non-designated temporary activity sites must not hold religious activities, must not accept religious donations."

On Sunday of July 12, 2020, elderly members of a Three-Self church, a Protestant organization that stay loyal to the People's Republic of China, were notified that their cross will be taken away.

The impending cross removal was declared by local authorities in Huainan city in Anhui province.

The Anhui province has been actively removing hundreds of crosses from state-approved churches like the Three-Self churches. With the goal to The Chinese government has been trying to "sinicize," or make Chinese in character or form, churches by erasing religious symbols and images.