As California's COVID-19 increases, Gov. Gavin Newsom once again announced conducting indoor religious services. Christian leaders and pastors are currently concerned as they go against the governor's decision.

Many Christians are urging the state governor that church is considered as "essential."

"Coupled with last week's ban on singing and worshiping, people of faith are increasingly alarmed by Sacramento's disregard of their constitutional rights."

Where do we draw the line?" 

Pastor Jon Duncan of the Cross Culture Christian Center defied Newsom's previous order and continued to hold indoor services. He informed believers that church is necessary.

"The latest order conflicts with the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and practice religion. The church provides a necessary outlet for people who are feeling hopeless or depressed."

"People do need the church. I think the church is an essential service. I think it's a necessary service," he Pastor Duncan.

Echoing that sentiment was state Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove, R-Bakersfield, who urged Newsom in a letter not to close down houses of worship.

Dean Broyles, chief counsel and president of the National Center for Law and Policy, which represents Duncan's church, said in a statement that Newsom's authority "stops at the church house door."