A new government study shows that nearly 40 % of people who have died with COVID-19 had diabetes. 

Among deaths of those under 65, half had the chronic condition and the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed more than 10,000 deaths in 15 states, February to May.  Many Americans who have diabetes are concerned about their health more than anybody else. With fear, people are encouraged to follow up with the procedure more careful than usual. Andrew Boulton, president of the IDF stated, 'my fear is we will see a tsunami of problems once this is over.'

According to the report, some tested positive for the virus in May and was admitted to the hospital. A man named Darrell Cager Sr, 64 years old had died from complications of COVID-19 on June 11.  

Darell's daughter, Lina spoke with a reporter at a Sacramento, California TV station, "It's hard to accept he is gone. I have to stop myself from wanting to call him. A lot of these death were in some way preventable." 

Being terrified and shocked by the sudden death caused from diabetes-related to COVID-19, Americans are starting to take bigger actions towards their own health. 

"I'm thinking, Lord, this could happen to me,"  Lina exclaimed with fear. The coronavirus is proving particularly dangerous for people with pre-existing conditions. Government officials have warned, and data shows, that many of those who have died already suffered from one disease-diabetes.