Christianity has been wiped out in China as the government is continuously demolishing Church homes. 

Dozens of security guards and officers from the local Ethnic and Religious Bureau invaded to demolish the remaining homes within the residential building, where the church also once stood. There have been many concerns as Yang shares on Facebook in more details of the raid. 

"Yet the government and dirty cops are barbaric to bypass all the regular administrative law enforcement procedure and forcibly demolish the homes. The main reason behind their action is to prevent anybody from gathering here again." 

According to International Christian Concern also known as (ICC), the authorities broke into a Christian's home despite the resident's resistance, and the 67-year-old woman was soon shuffled off by dozens of uniformed chengguan, some equipped with anti-riot shields without any proper documentation or notification. A Policeman who was called in by the Christians prohibited anyone from recording, claiming that his job was to make sure the demolition proceeded smoothly. 

Many were injured and some were briefly detained as the church's preacher filed a complaint pursuant to China's Supervision Law against three officials for their abuse of power and illegal actions. Xingguang Church was first raided on April 19 by the government from five different departments.

"What the Chinese Communist Party does not understand is that Christianity will not be wiped out just because the buildings no longer stand. The more the government erodes the rights of Chinese citizens, the more enemies it creates within its territories. One day, this pressure cooker will explode, threatening the CCP regime, the exact end game it is fearful of."