New guidelines in China have regulated the film content by the Communist Party which concerns Catholic directors who fear that programs teaching the Christian faith will be erased. Targeting the Christian faith, China is banning content such as miracles and healing in movies throughout T.V and Radio.

Wu Daxiong, a Shanghai television producer, called the guidelines a "fatal blow" to the industry as it limits the scope of their production. Banning religious content in film shows, it is stated that CCP does not want to entertain any film production that could lead people to any religious beliefs. 

UCA News reported, "The guidelines almost entirely ban such content." 

"If we film the life of Jesus, avoiding the content banned by the guidelines, we will only be presenting Jesus, as an ordinary person, and this is unacceptable to Christians."

"What is true history? Is it the one fabricated by the Chinese Communist Party? Would it not lead to creating more fake television dramas in line with the party to brainwash the public?" 

CCP has sent out a warning as they demolish and invade into Chinese believers in their church homes. As China is slowly banning entertainments, radio podcasts, T.V, and film shows, Chinese believers are in serious shock as they continue to pray for freedom.