Christian athlete, Katie Spotz, 33, is known for being the youngest person to row alone across the Atlantic ocean. She has attempted great feats and now is planning to run 130 miles non-stop across the state of Maine to raise money for Lifewater International. 

Spotz's challenge will take place on Sept. 5. She testified how her faith in God has fueled her adventures with a new meaning. 

"I've done different challenges like swimming and rowing, and now it's a chance to run for water," Spotz said in an interview with The Christian Post. "When God sees people having clean water, it brings a smile to His face. Providing clean water is an extension of how I believe God wants us to live."

Spotz admitted that her motivation to attempt great feats were a means to ease anxiety and feel justified. She sought a sense of accomplishment through the success of her challenges. 

"When you don't know God, something else becomes it. For me it was achievement, I bought the lies of achievement," Spotz said. "I had this extreme thirst for more and this discontentment. I did not get that promise achievement could bring."

Spotz concluded that the sense of achievement is nothing next to God's love. She became a Christian after having a conversation about God with a friend and later being invited to church by that same friend. It completely changed her life.

"When you're no longer attached to 'love is earned,' it frees you to receive this never-ending love," she said. "Before I was running on fear. Now I'm running on joy. There's no words that can justify how good and amazing God is ... we constantly witness God's goodness and love and if that's not an adventure, I don't know what is."

Spotz will be the first person to run across the state of Maine. She is currently the only woman to have run across New Hampshire and Vermont.