Pastor Ed Young, senior pastor of Fellowship Church stated it is critical for churches to reopen. Warning that the spiritual ramifications of refusing to meet outweigh the hype of the coronavirus pandemic, he challenges churches to reopen throughout the pandemic. 

I understand where these Pastors are coming from, but I disagree," Young said. "I can't guarantee I'll be in a 100% safe environment when I take my trash down to my street. It's simply not doable."

Pastor Ed Young reminds Christians that faith needs to be consistent. People are in need of healing, love, encouragement, and support during the toughest stage. 

"Look at our culture. There is so much going on right now spiritually, especially among young people facing depression, anxiety, and even attempting suicide!" 

"I just don't want us to lose our boldness and I don't want the church to mail it in. Throughout church history, the church has not mailed it in. We've stood in pandemics, we've stood during wars, and in all sorts of chaos and mayhem. Today, technology has allowed us to take the easy way out." 

Following all the guidelines and safety measures, Pastor Ed Young reveals the importance of church and how it is essential and a need of our lives. 

Meanwhile the pandemic, Young shares a positive story on a boy who gained faith in God after testing positive for Covid 19.

"This young man came to an altar call at the camp to go into the ministry after he tested positive for COVID. Then he told his mother, 'COVID or not, I would do it all again because of what God did in my life at that camp.'"

Young also stated, there are "more questions than answers" when it comes to COVID. Still, he believes physical worship is important to God. 

"It's amazing how the media can downplay positive stories about the church and focus on the negative. We've had a lot of positive things happen over the last few months."

"I want to applaud churches that are reopening and would encourage the ones who aren't to really think through why they aren't reopening. Something supernatural happens when we gather physically in a house of worship. I believe the risk of not coming together is greater than the risk of meeting."