Christian Pop Star Artist, Chris Tomlin, shared his special experience on his new album, 'friends.' 

Tomlin cam up with a fresh new concept collaborating with a country artist whom he serendipitously met at the gym. Chris Tomlin called it God's calling and a great opportunity to express his feelings on the collaboration. As it was finally released, many were looking forward to listening to the new song's album. Chris Tomlin made sure to note that the album was a true collaboration having written and recorded all of the songs with the country artists. 

"What would it sound like to kind of smash up the genres of what Christian music is and what country music is? 

"It wasn't like, 'Hey, I've got a song here, I got the famous friends, I'll call them to sing on the second verse and they'll email it in. It was all of us together making this record and it's so special."

Chris Tomlin expresses, although it was just for fun at first, the more he was making it together, the more effort he put into it. Tomlin confessed, "It just happened." 

Tomlin introduced himself in a meeting that he called "God's doing" and "a divine thing."

"I've never done anything like this. I've never done a collaboration like this ever. I've had a few people on my albums before, especially in my Christmas record, but I've never been with current superstars in a genre."

The record was largely finished and released before the coronavirus quarantine sent personnel home to work individually. Throughout the pandemic, Tomlin confessed the album will bring healing as it's a great time for such a record to be released. 

Chris Tomlin brings power and healing throughout the new music he has collaborated on. Giving people a voice of worship to God, he calls it a step towards breaking down walls and smashing up the genres. 

"At this moment in our world, there's a lot of fear and there's a lot of unrest. I think just the beauty of collaboration and coming together, that's pretty powerful.  I think it makes a beautiful statement. I just hope it really brings a light."

Being excited about the new release, Chris Tomlin also shares his goals and the meaning of his song. The link to his new music is as he shares on Instagram: 

"One of my goals is for this music to be accessible to a wider audience. The way I look at it- music about faith, God, salvation, and forgiveness doesn't only have to come from anyone genre."