Lorenzi Liberti, a 15-year old teenager in Florida, has been creating handmade carved U.S flags for the past eight months. By hand carving and selling intricate US flags, the young boy is raising money to support homeless veterans, children with special needs, and medical professionals. Working in his garage, he makes the impressive works during the day and night from 13 planks of pinewood. 

The teenage boy, Liberti wrote online about meeting a struggling veteran while working at a soup kitchen with his church group. The encounter led him think to himself and stand up for America, "how could America abandon the servicemen and servicewomen who fought for our freedom? I wanted to do something about it but wasn't sure how a 14-year-old boy could make an impact."

Being passionate, warm-hearted, and brave, the young boy steps up throughout his website and social media to create a GoFundMe at $50,000. Reaching numerous amounts of money, he has donated to support others during the pandemic. 

"As long as you're living, you're here for a purpose."

God, using him for his glory; has impacted many people as of today but due to the overwhelming demand, the handmade carving U.S Flags are currently out of stock. Liberti plans to make more orders in the future. 

Heroic. flags, an Instagram page made by Liberti, has gained many followers and likes for the intelligent and  brilliant idea. 

"Happy Independence Day! As we get ready to celebrate, I've decided to honor our frontline healthcare workers in each state with Heroic Flags. If you would like to honor them as well, please support my GoFundMe Project by following the link below.