Open Doors share the secret and surprising way Christians worship in North Korea. As most people are aware, North Korea tends to be the biggest communist country with a watch list. Living by faith, Christians in North Korea never ceased to be afraid of their future. Open Door shares about the Hundreds of thousands of Christians in North Korea's underground church, estimated at 300,000, also how they find secret ways to worship Jesus and follow Him. 

Explained by Open Door, the field rep states, "you see someone outside, you know that another person is a brother, you look at each other. That's all. That's your entire service."

Located in one bedroom with a small living space, a group of people gather for service worrying about the noise level. Living near the woods is considered the best idea so they can hide their bible as they dig and hide it in a hole. Being afraid, North Koreans always struggle to find the right timing and place for worship.

"It's after midnight. The two youngest children are sleeping. You sneak out, dig up your Bible and bring it back inside."

According to Open Door, North Korea's notorious prison camps are locked up with 40 prisoners in an uncomfortable space that has ice-cold air or hot air in the summer. Some brave North Koreans often share the gospel and know they will be punished for their actions. People are risking their lives to distribute aid and support to and inside North Korea. 

"The North Korean Christians are far more dedicated than us. In a sense, they are spiritually much stronger than we are. There are so many unknown heroes in North Korea, and they are able to withstand torture."

Open Doors reached out for a prayer request among our brothers and sisters in North Korea. 

"Father, we come to You now, interceding for our brothers and sisters in North Korea. We thank you for these secret worshipers and their boldness to follow You in the face of persecution few of us can fathom. We ask that You would protect them as they find ways to worship You and catch glimpses that they're not alone. Give them the prudent courage to read and speak Scripture and the discernment for when to be silent. We pray for those who can only look at someone and know that they follow Christ-like they do. 

We pray for these secret house gatherings and ask that You would give them beautiful moments together, that they would find both joy and solace in Your Scripture. Give believers the supernatural ability to memorize Your Word and impart it. And God, we pray now with the Christian prisoners, that they would find each other and be able to discreetly gather to hear Your Word, and that they would find ways to minister to those prisoners who don't know You-drawing their cellmates to You. 

We ask right now, Father, that You would raise up the next generation of Hea Woos both inside and outside prison walls. And finally, Lord, we plead for the freedom of our persecuted family in North Korea-that they would one day be able to read Your Word and gather freely to worship without fear. In Your Son's name, we ask these things... Amen."